Thursday, February 23, 2012

Friends Come & Go

Initially I have lots of things to throw out on this post, but I can't seem able to start..
Alright let's start off describing my attitude.. I'm not a perfect person, I am superbly stubborn when I think I'm correct over something, I don't give a damm whether who u are..
Yes I know this is bad, actually reall reallll bad.. I hate it myself. Tips to get close to me ~ it's better u prove to me that u are correct at the very beginning or else the matter continues, I will just fight till the end.. This is one of the biggest negative part of me which I must give up as soon as possible..
And it's because of this shit, I feel that I'm losing friends.. Yes the ego in me, it's really disturbing..

I have many seasonal friends, they come and stay in my life for a very short time..
True friends are just a few. To make matter worst, some studying abroad, some got attached and you don't expect them to spend too much time on u, cus they have their own life a well..
I can make friends easily but I don't trust someone easily.. Casual talks no problem with anyone under the sun, to share personal problems hmmmm...
Some close friends are not even good listener..
I only believe in myself for the time being.. But yea when someone earns my trust then without hesitation I will share it all.

I just feel I'm lacking of Soul mate.. Someone I can trust.. Yeah.. Thats the right term.. Hmm..

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