Thursday, February 23, 2012

Friends Come & Go

Initially I have lots of things to throw out on this post, but I can't seem able to start..
Alright let's start off describing my attitude.. I'm not a perfect person, I am superbly stubborn when I think I'm correct over something, I don't give a damm whether who u are..
Yes I know this is bad, actually reall reallll bad.. I hate it myself. Tips to get close to me ~ it's better u prove to me that u are correct at the very beginning or else the matter continues, I will just fight till the end.. This is one of the biggest negative part of me which I must give up as soon as possible..
And it's because of this shit, I feel that I'm losing friends.. Yes the ego in me, it's really disturbing..

I have many seasonal friends, they come and stay in my life for a very short time..
True friends are just a few. To make matter worst, some studying abroad, some got attached and you don't expect them to spend too much time on u, cus they have their own life a well..
I can make friends easily but I don't trust someone easily.. Casual talks no problem with anyone under the sun, to share personal problems hmmmm...
Some close friends are not even good listener..
I only believe in myself for the time being.. But yea when someone earns my trust then without hesitation I will share it all.

I just feel I'm lacking of Soul mate.. Someone I can trust.. Yeah.. Thats the right term.. Hmm..

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Vday 2012

So today is Valentines day.. Seriously I have never had any valentines dinner date.. So it's been 22 years celebrating single awareness day instead valentines day.. It's not a big deal, all I want is just to experience this one special occasion with someone special.. Its always that my tweets or facebook posts made it sound like I'm a bloody desperate guy digging for girl.. Everyone just misunderstood me..

The thing is why would people misunderstood me easily? Perhaps I'm just too straight forward.. I don't like something, I voice it out in front ur face.. Like me hate me, there is no effect on me.. Maybe that's my way of approaching towards matter.. I think this is effective, at least I think it is.. Zzz

I would say half of my friends are now attached, some about to get into long distance relationship, some still happily after more than half decades, some still can't get over their ex.. Everyone has their own experiences towards love..

So what is your point of view towards love? What do you seek for in love? What do you want to achieve?
Love need lots of commitment, trust, responsible and I would say discipline as well. To make matter worse, if your partner is intellectual retarded, then u have just welcome the hell of ur life.. Hahah

Like I said, love needs commitment.. If your love is deep enough, all obstacles isn't an issue.. You are committed, you stay, you fight, you protect it.. Talking about my previous experience I had was very bad.. I was fully committed till I couldnt get her off my mind.. The problem begins from backstabbing between aunties of her.. Then came bla bla bla into her mum's ears.. Well till date, I still haven't find the reason of why was I so badly rejected by her family.. Isn't it stupid? I ain't smoker, gambler, womanizer.. Something must be wrong that I have done somewhere without realizing it..

Just to clarify, I really got over her.. Just that I feel not satisfy! Whatever I do, I try to be the best.. Or one of the better ones if not the best..

Good thing is this blog was supposed to be death, no one reads it anymore.. I can just throw whatever I want.. Woolaalaa

Friday, January 20, 2012


Just as I thought I would stop blogging forever, I suddenly thought this can be good place for me to express whatever there is in my mind.
Long time since I last type in this box! Fuish I can imagine how time flies.. Let me see last post was May 2010.. Thats freaking long ago! close to two years.. Who would have imagine that this dead blog will come back alive..

Basically this two years was full of ups and downs.. So many relationships, so many new friends, so many girlfriends, ex, new made enemies (actually not enemy la, people I'm not happy with).. To meet so many people in life is something I treasure most.

I met pilots, captains, police officers, doctors, rich people, poor ones, pathetic ones, greedy, selfish.. So many kinds of people in life! But trust me the very last one u would wanna meet is people who are fake akaTwo faces! This kinda people will lead give u a full of misery life..

2011 was a year that hit me real hard! I was too much into loving someone.. Knowing she is not the right one and yet I still try all sorts of way to keep the relationship alive. I disappoint so many people, my parents of course, my family reputation was even at stake cus of me! How the hell would two individuals love life affect two family and surrounding? Sounds very dramatic but it actually happened on me.. Nevertheless off and on the fail relationship still haunt me.. Technically it affects my confidence level crucially.. Most of the time I loses my focus over something, bad.. But as time goes by, it gets better.. Fortunately I have a supportive family and very strong base of friends that give it all to me whenever needed..

2011 was a light and easy year for me seriously. I went for holidays, relaxing stress free life given by parents.. I can say although I'm not from a wealthy family, but my family is able to afford a child like me and have a car to roam around the town, I feel that my life is blessed..
Biggest mission for year 2012, to get a flying job no matter where and which company it is.. I really want to repay my parents effort they put on me.. From young, I never fail! I was good at sports and above average in studies.. I never like to make my parents to worry about me, not even a bit! My parents are my everything! They gave me shade, proper care, love.. Where I stand today is all their dedication and tender care..

Daddy is strict and fun, sometimes difficult to judge how is he feeling at a particular time, his words are good as gold, too bad
sometimes we do have disagreement.. What to do? 21st century, sometimes it's hard for him to accept stuff which is new. Mama Is the bomb la.. We talk practically everything under the sun.. Most of the time me bully her cus of her bully-ble face.. I mean seriously I love both of them.. little brother is as always being mischievous.. Kinda worry of his study, he is the lazy lazy bump kinda student.. Ayiks.. But still he is my one and only blood brother.. I will try my very best to keep him going in life..

1230am.. Gotta sleep now.. Tired... Will definitely be back to describe what I thought at any particular time line of my life..
Live life everyday like the final day.. Love all serve all..

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Facts about guys

32 facts about a guy : -

=Guys don't actually look after good looking girls. They prefer neat and presentable girls
=Guys hate flirts
=When a guy says he doesn't understand you, it simply means you're not thinking the way he is
=Guys may be flirting around all day but before they go to sleep, they always think about the girl
they truly care about
=When a guy really likes you, he'll disregard all your bad characteristics
=Guys go crazy over a girl's smile
=Guys will do anything just to get the girl's attention
=When you touch a guy's heart, there's no turning back
=When a girl says "no", a guy hears it as "try again tomorrow"... so true
=You have to tell a guy what you really want before he gets the message clearly
=Guys love their moms
=A guy would sacrifice his lunch just to get you a couple of roses
=You can never understand him unless you listen to him
=If a guy tells you he loves you once in a lifetime. He does
=Beware. Guys can make gossips scatter through half of the face of the earth faster than girls can
=Like Eve, girls are guys' weaknesses
=Guys are very open about themselves
=It's good to test a guy first before you believe him. But don't let him wait that long
=Guys hate it when their clothes get dirty. Even a small dot.
=Guys really admire girls that they like even if they're not that much pretty
=If a guy tells you about his problems, he just needs someone to listen to him. You don't need to give advice.. very true
=A usual act that proves the guy likes you is when he teases you
=Guys keep secrets that girls tell them
=Guys tend to think too much
=Guys fantasies are unlimited
=Girls' height doesn't reallly matter to a guy
=Guys tend to get serious with their relationship and become too possessive
=Guys are more talkative than girls are especially when the topic is about girls
=You can truly say that a guy has good intentions if you see him praying sometimes
=If a guy says you're beautiful, that guy likes you
=Guy hate girls who overreact
=Guys love you more than you love them IF they are serious in your relationships

Monday, April 26, 2010

Beer effect

The main ingredient of beer is alcohol right??
so what do u think of beer? bad or goody?
Some of the people truly enjoy drinking beer.. God knows how much my friends enjoy drinking beer.. from TANI (means drinking session in tamil), clubbing, socializing and so on.. anything will do with BEER !~
I check on some of the sites related to alcohol and beer.. to clarify the health and effects of drinking beer...

Moderate consumption of alcohol including beer, is associated with decreased risk of cardiac disease and stroke !! However long term effects of alcohol abuse will cause risk of developing alcoholism andalcoholic liver disease..

Beer contain significant amounts of nutrients including magnesium, selenium, potassium, phosphorus ... ... some people referred beer as "liquid bread". Brilliant eh !??

In 2005, a group of Japanese found that low alcohol beer may possess strong anti-cancer properties. Another study found nonalcoholic beer (idk wats tat) to mirror the cardiovascular benefits associated with moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages.

ok further info over disadvantages of beer..

feeling tired and lazy.. research on beer to actually find whether
drinking beer can lead to a better sleep..
nope.. alcohol will cause insomnia.. arhh~ i m feeling tired now
.. thats a good thing..
i can sleep NOW.. YESH
stress up nowadays.. doctor said i need to do more exercise and relax...
and thats what i m trying to do.. (losing 5kgs in two months, dont seem healthy)
will be having class 1 medical test on wednesday.. hope everything goes right =)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

House of Bernarda Alba

The actress.. The Mum and 5 daughters.. Real good singers!!

After for long i left this blog mati mati !!!
now is time to update bit.. !! hahaha..

went to KLPAC in Sentul.. for ur info, KLPAC is Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre..
i believe non of my friend will be bold enough to bring me to watch musical drama!??
like what the hell !!?? LoL~~ thats so not my thing..

thanks to Eeping for bringing me to such wonderful musical performance..
i love the singing part by those actress.. one word to describe awesome~

to make things short.. i copied this plot summary from wiki~

After the death of her second husband, Bernarda Alba, a dominating woman, imposes a period of mourning on her household to last eight years, as has been traditional in her family. Bernarda has five daughters, aged between 20 and 39, whom she has shielded and controlled to an excessive degree and prohibited from any form of relationship. The mourning period further isolates the daughters, and tension mounts within the household.

After a mourning ritual at the family home, Angustias, the eldest daughter, enters, having not been present while the guests were there. Bernarda is angered, assuming she had been listening to the men's conversation on the patio.

Angustias inherited a large sum of money upon the death of her father, Bernarda's first husband, while the other four sisters inherited much less from their father, Bernarda's second husband. Angustias' wealth attracts a suitor, the young and attractive Pepe el Romano from the village. Passion and jealousy among the sisters increases. They feel it is unfair that Angustias, the oldest and most sickly of them, should receive both the majority of the money and the freedom to marry and leave the constraints of the house.

Adela, the youngest, is stricken with sudden spirit and jubilation on the day of her father's funeral. Defying Bernarda's orders to dress only in black and mourn, she refuses to take off her green dress. Her brief time of feeling young and free is suddenly shattered when she discovers that Angustias will be marrying Pepe. In her distress she threatens to run into the streets in her green dress, but her sisters are able to stop her. Suddenly, Pepe el Romano is seen coming down the street. Adela stays behind while her sisters rush to get a look at him--until a servant in the household hints to her that she could get the best view from her own bedroom window.

As Poncia and Bernarda discuss matters of the daughters' inheritance upstairs, Bernarda spots Angustias wearing makeup. Appalled that she would defy her orders to stay in a state of mourning, she violently washes the makeup from her face. The daughters all enter in the commotion. Finally Maria Josefa, Bernarda's elderly mother, who is usually locked away in her room, enters. She says she wants to escape the house and get married. She also warns Bernarda that she is going to turn her daughters' hearts to dust if they cannot be free. Bernarda retaliates by forcing her back into her room.

It transpires that Adela has been conducting an illicit affair with Pepe el Romano. She becomes increasingly passionate, refusing to submit to her mother's will and arguing with her sisters, particularly Martirio, who is revealed to also be in love with Pepe.

The tension in the story comes to a head as the family confronts one another. Bernarda chases Pepe with a gun. A gunshot is heard from outside, implying that Pepe el Romano has been killed. Adela slips into another room while the family anticipates the outcome. As Martirio and Bernarda re-enter, Martirio states that Pepe el Romano got away with his life, and Bernarda remarks that as a woman she cannot be blamed for not knowing how to aim.

With Pepe el Romano dealt with, Bernarda turns her attention to calling for Adela, who has locked herself in a room. Bernarda and Poncia work at bringing down the door through force after being met with silence from Adela. Upon gaining entrance to the room, Poncia shrieks. Returning with her hands clasped about her neck, she warns the family to not enter the room--Adela has hanged herself.

The closing lines of the play show Bernarda characteristically preoccupied with the family's reputation. She calls for it to be made known that Adela died a virgin (which is not the case, as the play alludes that she and Pepe have been meeting in secret). No one is to cry.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Talking about relationship..

I have this feeling to blog about relationship again..
topic for the day..

"A person MUST not get involved in a relationship unless she/he forgets about the ex"

I got hooked with this love story recently =)

She is a nice person and attached to a nice decent guy for several months..
This girl is actually a fickle minded person..
She cant make up her mind whether she likes this guy after several months..
but she said she enjoys his company whenever he is around..

She had only one serious relationship in the past.. and i believed the feeling for the ex bf is still very strong.. although she strongly deny in whatever ways.. but i believe my feeling is right for this.. the reasons for the break up is due to the guy studying in oversea..

Recently the ex bf came back and they both meet up..
at first meeting the feelings wasn't there, according to her.. so i was such relieved as i know the return of the ex will confirm cause some trouble for the current relationship..

i was to naive to believe so, the second meeting, the way she described of not stopping him from flirting her.. SUDAH CONFIRM LA GONE CASE LA TU

the current bf knew that she is gonna meet the exbf and have full trust on her for not cheating at back of him.. so some how made me think that GIRLS cant be trusted fully..

the exbf brought her to gathering and stuffs and treated her as if the own gf, i believe there are hugs hugs, playing with hairs, and whispering going on during the gathering and stuffs..
knowing the group of friends the exbf have, haha.. well i know what kinda person he is like..
spending, gambling, drinking, clubbing, smoking some how related to him... i hope i am wrong..

this exbf is leaving this country soon and going back oversea again soon.. well he might be back after completing his course and work by next year.. and the current bf is emotionally break down some how (knowing a little bit of what she did)

and this girl is somehow lose feelings for the current one.. so its kinda fuck up for the current bf.. i donno how bad it is.. but the mutual trust is only provided by that guy while the girl think there is nothing wrong done by her.. she still thinks she is innocent..
I wonder if this continues, how long more can this relationship hang on?
and what if the guy really comes back next year and the story repeats again??

From justice point of view, this is total rubbish did by this girl of not making up her mind..

Thinking from her point of view, i think she done nothing wrong because this is her own relationship after all, and as long a person is happy with the relationship, that is more important then anything else..

i was quite angry to know about this at first, but being a rational person, i think from different point and different angle to look at it..

so i can conclude that this current bf can only be described as unlucky??

Welcome to comment about this..

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Parent's 21st Anniversary

the two Lim juniors

took this pix three years ago..

Last year cny !!

haha stalking them from distance..

this picture made me jealous~ hahaha.. wth ~??

First of all i would like to thank both of them for giving me a wonderful life=)
i have nothing much to grumble about my life !!
Although i have been bad and naughty sometimes, but they are always there to support me in whatever ways.. sometimes in dumb dumb ways..
mummy's potong steam encouragement especially which i like the most.. ahaha...
daddy's ever cool and caring personality...
there are more to come ~! no gifts for both of u.. cause i am in economy crisis !! hahaa..

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Enlin !!

Enlin's welcome gift =)

famous chendol in malacca !~ with gula malacca

En lin came to malacca today !! just to meet ME !!! hahaa.. hello enlin i tour u around malacca okay!?? SAY THANK U!!
First of all, he said he wants to go somewhere special, i seriously find malacca is boring.. museum perhaps??
he said he wanted to stalk hot malacca girls, i cracked my head thinking where to bring this perverted mouse.. shopping surely cacat compared to KL ones.. then decided to bring him to Jonker for chicken rice ball, and later brought him to shop in Dataran Pahlawan.. biggest mall in Southern peninsular malaysia ok??.. and he managed to buy a pair of adidas shorts.. seriously can hail him as second cherly !~!

Oh ya regarding that saman!! i told enlin that if he got booked by police for not buying car park coupon, i will pay for him.. true enough he kena !!~ siall ~~

Monday, January 11, 2010


San and mua

this pic looks kinda yeng

Sing song session in Station 1

Full strength kill it !! lol!!
I m ready !!

Enlin, me and imaginary shereena

Ks and me.. missing uwei =(

The chicks and me

buddy's girlfriend

My birthday eve ~ spent my time with all the friends out there.. yang semua friendly and nice !!
k let me list down those people that made it for the day,
Khaishaun, Eli, Enlin, Jennhsen, Janice, Cherly, YaoYun, Steph, Loong, Jie Hao, Eejun, Joann,
Weijun, did i miss out anyone?? hahah
too bad ferns down sick!~

had dinner in sushi senjyu i think.. not so sure of the spelling..
total up 500 plus.. but jennhsen is kind enough to offer his 150bucks voucher !!! woohoo!!
could have split the bill into 2 then can get more discount.. haiyz!!

received a self made teddy bear from 7 friends who still think i am a baby, anyway thanks to 7 of u all.. and a red tomato colour adidas teeshirt from shereena all the way from australia =) u the best shereena =)